The dream sequences are genuinely spooky and creative, the acting is spot-on and the cinematography is elegant. The overbearing presence of the former captain hanging over the ship, cursing it, wishing it doomed. Dream or reality that is the highlight of the film because we never discern the real from the dream, the fantasy. A French gangster has moved into Frankie's territory, so Frankie flies home to take care of business. You get some nice

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gory dramatizations such as a penile dismemberment (a great effect that beats the one in Cannibal Holocaust hands down a sex-change operation, and a gut-slicing necrophiliac plus a woman wearing a prosthetic penis to stand in for a transsexual. It takes some time to get off, but after about thirty minutes, the movie hits its stride, and it will remain interesting till the very end. ADD TO shopping cart smile OF death (1972)-letterboxed print. His old friend, Count Ranieri, conducts an undercover espionage operation and Alina, one of his love struck young captors, is soon persuaded to release him. Should Rousseau decide that Bouvier is insane, the killer will not go prison. Scaife, the sadistic leader of a gang of cattle thieves, terrorizes the people of a Colorado mountain town.

ADD TO shopping cart last ride TO santa cruz (1964)-IN german with  ENG subs, THE rest ENG dubbed, letterboxed print. Fighting to rescue the women are Chingachgook and his son Unkas, the last of the Mohican tribe, and their white ally, the frontiersman Natty Bumppo, known as Falkenauge ADD TO shopping cart million eyes OF sumuru (1967)-Widescreen print. Another Eurospy flick  with one of the finest opening theme tunes ever written. It's a women in prison film. Anthar attempts to free Soraya but is captured and forced into a death battle with a rhinoceros. Cast:  Horst Buchholz, Anthony Quinn, Michael Sarrazin, Omar Sharif, Orson Welles, Robert Hossein, Akim Tamiroff. The previous year, they had made a thriller "Adieu L'Ami" also starring Charles Bronson. When Rockys sister Billie (Farmer) turns up, things get complicated. ADD TO shopping cart sagauro (1968)-In German with English subs, letterboxed print. In this remake of his own La Danza Macabra, director Antonio Margheriti casts Anthony Franciosa as writer Alan Foster, who accepts a bet from Edgar Allan Poe (Klaus Kinski) and his friend Thomas Blackwood (Enrico Osterman).

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Escort service in milano incontri gay in veneto Franco, an Italian fisherman, witnesses.S. Maciste (Gordon Mitchell) battles a cyclops and an evil queen (Chelo Alonso) to save a descendent of Ulysses in this rousing action/fantasy tale.
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